30 January 2014

Chomping At The Bit

I ran a short, easy 3.1 miles this morning to finish off a 143 mile January.  Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday is the Death Valley marathon - 576 miles run since Oct 1st going into it with weekly long runs in the 13-21 mile range since early November and three half marathons plus several other races along the way.

Tapering started on Jan 18th with, excluding the half marathon last weekend, only running six times in the 3.1 to 4.60 mile range.  Tapering has been a little tough, mainly mentally.  I want take off and either really push the pace on these short runs or extend them out to a much longer distance and have to remind myself to keep myself in check so the legs are fresh and injury free going into this first marathon.  I now have a new appreciation for the term "chomping at the bit".

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