31 January 2015

January Miles

Total mileage for January - 250.63

That broke down to 61.97 miles of running and 188.66 miles on the bike.  Running-wise, it marked my lowest running total since August 2013.  I took it very easy post marathon and gave my legs a chance to rest up and get some healing done. Instead of running, I put my energy into the bike and worked on building the base to get ready for spring duathlons

25 January 2015

First Ride

After three down days during which I felt pretty puny with a lot of head congestion and didn't work out at all, I finally got to try the P1 out on the road.

The ride was a doozy. This week, my wife had the longest scheduled ride in her 70.3 training plan for her first triathlon of that distance at Bayshore in March. The training plan called for a four hour ride and we planned a simple out-n-back ride of rolling hills on U.S. 95 north of the city. The weather forecast looked good and we met up with a few friends who were riding different distances as they trained for different events.

The weatherman lied. Winds were supposed to be low. Instead, we had a strong headwind on the ride out. Going was slow and the winds were strong enough that we were having to work hard on the downhill sections to maintain speed. At the two hour mark, we found a good turnaround spot and began the trek back to town. Winds had died down a little but we still made ridiculously good time and ended up having to add a few extra sections of road to get in the full time. Some of the sections had us going back into the wind which reminded us that while it had died down, it was still pretty strong. We returned home right at the four hour mark with a little over 60 miles showing on the Garmin.

The P1 felt pretty good. The fit felt great when working the uphills and when in aero mode on the down hills. I did notice that I had a tendency to slide forward on the seat when working hard in aero mode on the flats. Braking was very sharp and the bike responded great to turning inputs while in both upright and aero positions. Shifting was smooth. I did run out of gears at 29.5 mph.

19 January 2015

Cervelo P1

I picked up a new (demo model) bike this weekend from Pro Cyclery in Las Vegas.  It is a 2010 Cervelo P1 which has an aluminum frame (size 54) and Ultegra components.  I've been looking for a new Tri/TT bike for duathlons and found this one at a fraction of what I was going to spend on a new entry-level racer.

I switched over my Adamo TT from my Novara and made a few basic adjustments to the seat and handlebars so I could try it on the trainer.  My Novara was a converted road bike and the differences in my aero position and the overall feel of the bike were instantly evident.  On the Novara, I always felt stretched out when reaching for the bullhorns as well as when in an aero position.   This bike, on the other hand, feels like it fits like a glove. When putting the two side by side, it is interesting to see how much shorter the Cervelo is when looking at the length of the two bikes.

I go in for a formal fitting this week and can't wait to get it out for a long ride next weekend!

Cervelo P1 on the trainer

14 January 2015

I was running...

I went for a 3.8 mile run this morning and to my chagrin, the GPS on my running app did not start tracking distance until about halfway through the run.  The timer worked fine but I had to come home and map it out online.  

10 January 2015

running sabbatical over

I took a self-imposed five days off from running after Camarillo and my legs appreciated it.  I got in four miles this morning on the flat trails of a local park.

The run this morning highlighted that I probably have a bit of adductor tendonitis going on.  It is an overuse injury that has been bothering me off and on for over a year and flares up when I jump up in mileage too fast.  With no races until Feb 28th, I am going to keep the running light and focus on crosstraining for the next few weeks to give it a chance to heal up. This means quite a bit of trainer time on the bike.

04 January 2015

Camarillo Marathon

I ran the Camarillo Marathon this morning.

Packet pick-up was yesterday at a Sports Authority near the race.  There was no expo.

The race started near the Camarillo Airport and covered two loops on the map shown below.  With the exception of the small bit right by the airport, the course was through farmland - lots of strawberries and tilled earth.  The course was very flat with the exception of a small hill around Mile 6 (Mile 19 on Lap 2).  The course was very well marked and had great police support at all intersections.  Additionally, EMS was very visible with several personnel cruising around the course on bikes.

Aid stations were at all the marked locations and many had Gu in addition to drinks.  All stations had water but not all had Gatorade.  There was a port-o-potty at all the aid stations.

The finishers medals were nice and the marathon finishers specifically said "marathon" instead of including all distances into one and also had the year on them.

I got a free entry to this race 15 days ago and as such did zero spin-up for this race from a training standpoint. With that in mind, my goal was simply to finish another marathon and I took my boys with me and turned this trip into a "brocation" with beach time to finish off their Winter Break from school.  I took the race pretty easy pace wise and finished in a predictably slow 4:57:29 (still, it was a minute faster than my first marathon at Death Valley) which had me 80th out of 113 finishers and near the end of my age group.  It was nice having the route keep passing the start area multiple times because that meant that I got to see a lot of my cheering section but mentally, I do not like passing the finishing line multiple times in a race.

Next up - The Road Rage Duathlon on Feb 28th,

Pre-race in the chute
Post race with another finisher's medal

02 January 2015

2014 in review...

Here are my final stats for 2014.

- 1324.69 miles run 
- 668.89 miles on the bike

My distance goals for 2015 are pretty simple.  I plan on being in the 1300-1500 range for running miles and am going to work to get my bike miles double that of my run miles.