31 August 2014


On this day last year, I took a look at my run logs going back to the summer of 2011 and I didn't like what I saw.  I had the occasional month in the 70-95 mile range but I had a lot in the 20-40 range as well as a few zero mile months.  My running was following a pretty predictable cycle - start running a couple of months prior to a fitness eval,  ramp up the mileage after it was done, get hurt, stop running. I made a decision at that point to be more consistent with my running.  

Flash forward to today and I have run 1425.5 miles since Sept 1st, 2013. 43 of the 52 weeks were at least 20 miles, 23 were over 30 miles and four got over the 40 mile mark. Also, 50 of the 52 weeks had three or more runs.  Along the way, I knocked out 14 races ranging from a 5K up through my first marathon and have stayed relatively injury free. 

The big difference for me was that instead of finding time to run, I made time for it.  On most workdays, I am up and outside by 0430 so I have time to get in 3-6 miles and still have time to prep and get to work.  On weekends, I often get in a longer run or two and am outside early so I am back in time to spend the day with the family. Goal setting was also important and signing up for races (especially my first half marathon and marathon) gave me something tangible to prep for.

Going into the 12 months, I plan on cycling more and getting more running in on trails.  I am not going to put a specific number out there but the plan is to do several duathlons and a century ride in addition to some road and trail running races.

29 August 2014

final 2014 races

I finished signing up for my final 2014 races this week.

To tune up for the St George Marathon on Oct 4th, I will be doing two races: the LVTC Forest Challenge (an 11+ mile trail race) on Sept 20th and Calico Racing's Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon on Sept 27th.  Both of these races have specific challenges.  The Forest Challenge is a trail run with altitudes in the 8600' to 9400' range and will be my first race that is hosted by the Las Vegas Track Club.  Twilight is run with a headlamp after sunset on the roads of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and has a significant climb from the 3/4 mile mark to the 5.4 mile mark.

In November, I am getting back to trail running with Desert Dash's Trail of Glory.  Desert Dash does a lot of trail races in the Vegas area and I will be running a 12K (actually maps out a little long at 7.64 miles).  This will close out the year for me.

If the two trail races go well, I see me focusing a bit more on trail running in 2015.

16 August 2014

My Wife

It is time for a little shout out about my wife.

On this date in 2012, my wife was getting ready for her first triathlon. She hadn't done anything competitive since 2000 and had signed up for it as primarily a motivational tool to lose weight and in general, get healthier.  Her time and place weren't important. The goal was to finish.  Finishing it, along with the work that went into getting ready for it, was a huge boost for her and she went on to do a few 5Ks, OCRs and a duathlon during our remaining time in the Kansas City area.

In May of 2013, we relocated to Las Vegas and she signed up for a few more races to include two sprint triathlons and a handful of running events from 5Ks through 12Ks.  Her training got more serious and she began to think about bigger things in 2014.

In 2014, she began to routinely crush in her division in the local triathlons and went longer.  In February, she knocked out her first half marathon in a very solid 2:15.  In April, she knocked out her first international distance triathlon and a month later, her second at that distance.  She also finished a handful of running races in the 5K to 10 K range and two more sprint triathlons.

Flash forward to today and she finished 3rd in her division the USA Triathlon Athena National Championship international  distance (1.5K Swim / 39K Bike / 10K Run) race this morning. Along the way, she has dropped over 50lbs and the health issues she was dealing with have faded away.  There were no surgeries, magic pills or fad diets.  She has done all of it through hard work and dedication.  Oh...and her legs are incredible!

Keep being awesome, Sarah!

8/17 update - This morning, she raced the sprint (500 Yard Swim / 16 Mile Bike /3.5 Mile Run) and came in 2nd at the USAT Athena National Championship for that distance. 

02 August 2014

Brick Workouts

I did a run/bike brick this morning - 15 miles on the bike followed by a 3 mile run.  It was my first brick in almost a year and my thighs were a little confused as I started running following the transition.

I enjoy cycling and need to do more of it.