09 February 2014

...and miles to go before I sleep...

I laced up my Hokas this morning and hit the road/trail for an 8.1 mile run which ended my self-imposed seven day sabbatical from running following Death Valley.  The legs felt great and I had some Robert Frost going through my head around Mile 5.  My legs felt pretty heavy on Monday but I felt ready to run by Tuesday.

Yesterday had me working the Las Vegas Triathlon Club's annual off-road duathlon.  It was a fun little event for club members. We had 37 racers finish the adult event and had a decent turnout for the kids race.  I was amused when I heard one of the boys who was about six making motor sounds and ringing his bell as he rode around the bike route.

I put together my running schedule through October this week.  As mentioned in my last post, I have the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam half in March.  After that, I am racing the Rockin' Rabbit Half Marathon in April.  This promises to be a very fast race since it is primarily downhill with a few flat sections at the beginning/end. After that, I am heading to a tougher course with a lot of hill climbing as I run the Labor of Love half in May. Once that one is done, I don't have anything else on the schedule until the E.T. Full Moon half in August.  Labor of Love and E.T are two more Calico Racing events and will close out a Calico Half Slam for me.  After that, I plan on running my second marathon (St George) in October.  I need to sign up and get picked up for the lottery for this one.  The only other things that jump out are a possible 5K with the boys for Father's Day and a 25K trail race in Henderson in early September.

Beyond my races, I will be volunteering with LVTC at all of their club races and will be a regular safety kayaker for them during weekly training swims at Lake Meade May-Aug.  I also plan on volunteering with Calico Racing at a couple of their events that I am not putting on my race schedule.  Finally and most importantly, I will be cheering on Sarah as she does a series of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons starting with Rage in April and ending with Pumpkinman in October.

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