15 April 2015

Summerlin Half Marathon

On Sunday, April 12th, I ran the Summerlin Half Marathon.  It began and ended at Downtown Summerlin which is a new shopping/dining area near the Red Rock Casino in Summerlin. Desert Sky Adventures did the race managment.

I registered for this one a long time ago...last summer/fall during the early bird pricing. Leading up to the race, communication was good with the racers receiving several e-mails with details about packet pickup and race day events.  We also received an e-mail the day prior to the race about timing.

Packet pick-up was at the New Balance store in Downtown Summerlin and was available for two days prior to the race.  Packets could also be picked up on race morning.  In the packets, we received a tech race t-shirt, our bibs with timing chip on the back, coupons and flyers from sponsors, and a pair of socks from Gizmo.  I have socks from Gizmo that I wear for cycling so this was a nice feature. On a slightly strange note, the bib was a little different sized from a standard bib and the holes were a bit too wide to properly fit on my race belt.

On the morning of the race, I showed up at 6:30 for a 7 AM start. Parking and port-o-potties were abundant and volunteers were setting up the final few roadblocks for the start/finish line.  At 6:45, there was an early start for walkers, stroller pushers and anybody else who thought they would take over 3:30 to finish.  Shortly after that small group took off, the race director had us line up in chalks based on our estimated finish and then had us shuffle forward to fill in the gaps.  After that, the National Anthem was sung and then we were off to the races.
2015 Summerlin Half Marathon finisher's medal
The course was very well marked and had lots of coverage from the local police department at all intersections.  Aid stations with a lot of goodies and port-o-potties were available at Mile 1 and 2 and approximately every two miles after that. The first 5.5 miles were a mix of road and sidewalk as we wound through suburban streets and one park and had a little bit of climbing for the first three miles followed by a lot of descending for the next 2.5 miles.  At the 5.5 mile mark, we began a climb that would top out around the 9 mile mark. Mile 9 seemed like a particularly long mile due to being the steepest section of the race.  After reaching the crest, we were rewarded with a nice view of the city and a short down hill section before climbing once more.  At approximately 10.5 miles, the course began a descent that would go to almost the finish line.

After crossing the finish line, we received finisher's medals and were handed water before proceeding past the food area (lots of snacks and water). There were two computers available for us to check times and my time was also auto-e-mailed to my gmail account.

My overall impression was that it was a well managed race.  With 821 finishers, it was also a relatively large race.

So how did I do?  My finishing time was a 2:18:05...not my best and not my worst.  The hills were rough and I was a bit off even before I arrived at the race.  While driving, I realized that I left my Garmin and Road ID sitting on the kitchen table.  While standing in line to start the race, I thought about my lack of Motrin, pre-race/during race nutrition and calf sleeves.  I also didn't pay much attention at all to the course and was mentally expecting something a bit flatter.  A lot of lessons were learned on this race.

Up next - Ragnar Zion Trail Relay

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