19 October 2014

Brick Day

I did a brick workout with my wife this morning as she did her final big workout going into her Olympic distance Pumpkinman Triathlon next weekend at Lake Mead and Boulder City. We rode slightly over 17 miles and then switched shoes for a 10K run.  The ride primarily focused on the 1,300 ft ascent that she will climb over the final 8+ miles of the 24.8 mile race route which increases in steepness greatly over the last mile.  After that, we ran the 10K race course so she could see exactly what it was:  out and back on paved roads with some light hills.

Here is a post ride shot of my bike.  As mentioned previously, it is a vintage aluminum framed Novara Forza that has been upgraded a bit, primarily from bikes that have been damaged in mishaps by other people.  Specifically, the Shimano 105 drivetrain, wheels, carbon seatpost, Adamo saddle, stem and triathlon bullhorn/aerobars are all upgrades from the bike I originally purchased in the 2001/2002 timeframe.  Basically, the only thing still stock is the frame and fork.

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