30 December 2014

2015 - The First Six Months

I have registered for races for the first six months of 2015.  Here is my schedule.

1/4/15 - Camarillo Marathon
2/28/15 - Road Rage Duathlon
3/14/15 - Zion Half Marathon
4/12/15 - Summerlin Half Marathon
5/9/15 - Vegas Sunrise Duathlon
5/17/15 - Hot Chocolate 15K - Las Vegas
5/30/15 - Sand Hollow Duathlon

I've also registered for a pair of duathlons (Kokopelli and Las Vegas) in September.  I have a few races that I am interested in for the second half of the year but I need to wait until April to see how a few things are shaping up schedule-wise at work.

Here are races of interest:

8/1-2/15 - Devil Dog Duathlon and Solana Beach Duathlon - This would be a great weekend to head to San Diego and knock out a couple of sprint distance races for both my wife and me while also doing a few fun vacation things with the kids.

8/8/15 - Bootleg Beatdown -  This has 5 and 10 mile distances.  It is a hot run on a technical trail in the local area. This one is put on by Desert Dash.

8/29-30/15 - E.T Full Moon Midnight Marathon, Half, 10K & 51K - If I decide to do this one, I want to go big and make it my first ultramarathon.  I like Calico Racing events

9/19/15 - Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon - This would be my third year running a Twilight Red Rock race.  I have already booked the duathlon as part of the Las Vegas Triathlon for that morning. This is another Calico Racing event.

9/26/15 - Saints and Sinners Half Marathon - This is a race at Lake Mead with a fair amount of downhill and is a decent mix of road and trail.  I wanted to run it this year but the date conflicted with Twilight.

12/5/15 - Death Valley Trail Marathon - Death Valley was the site of my first marathon.  It would be fitting if it is the site of my first trail marathon.

The other big thing I want to do this year is a century ride on my bike and am looking at options that aren't ridiculously far from Las Vegas and do not conflict with one of my wife's events or mine.

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