20 December 2014

a free race

I checked my e-mail today and was happy to see that I received another free entry from Racegrader.com. This one is to the Camarillo Marathon which also has a half, 10K and 5K with it.  The race is on Jan 4th.

I am undecided about the distance and will knock out a long run in the morning to think about it.  This month, I am on pace for my normal 100-110 miles of running.  However, it has been a big month already for cycling with 175 miles logged. Also, I am at 22 hrs of total run/bike time for the month which means that I am going to crush my highest month (27.4 hours last December) in terms of total workout time since I started keeping track of my workouts in 2011.  Finally, I am running the three hour 2014 Operation Jack Las Vegas Satellite Run on the 28th which is three hours of racing laps around a 1.69 mile loop in one of the city parks.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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