01 February 2015

Big Game 10K

On Thursday, a friend gave my wife a head's up that she and her husband were going out of town and asked if we wanted their entry to the 5K portion of the Big Game 10K.  We said "sure" and the two of them worked out the transfer with the race promoter.  Neither of us took the race serious and continued to get in good workouts with both of us getting in a bike/run brick yesterday.

We showed up at the race about 45 minutes before the start and Sarah met friends from one of her run groups for a group photo.  After that, we wandered over to the start line to mingle with other friends. Incidentally, the start was very near to the aid station I worked during the 2013 Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas race.

The 10K started at 8 AM and the 5K started five minutes later.  Both had a good turnout with 294 finishers in the 10K and 285 in the 5K.

At 8:05, we were off.  It didn't take long, less than half a mile in, before I began to catch the stragglers from the 10K.  After that, it was a lot of weaving around bodies as I navigated the course. It was well marked with very easy to see turnpoints. Along the way, I got to pass South Las Vegas Boulevard  highlights such as "A Wee Kirk o'the Heather" wedding chapel and the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which is the pawn shop from Pawn Stars.

The race went by pretty quick and I posted a 24:46 which was good for 23rd overall (2 of 10 in the M35-39 bracket)and Sarah finished in 45th (3 of 33 in the F35-39 bracket) with a time of 27:16.  It will be interesting to see how much my time improves as I start to dedicate training to speed work and focus on shorter distances this year.

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