10 March 2014

Daylight Savings Time

Today I saw a post on Facebook that asked "What's the number one reason we runners get so happy about Daylight Savings Time?".

When reading the responses, I realized that I am the exception.  A lot of people commented about being able to run in daylight or sunset runs. However, I love running in the morning before the sun comes up.  I love the quietness of my corner of the city before the commuters hit the streets.  I love seeing the lights of the Vegas Strip off in the distance to the south. I love seeing the sky changing color before the sun peaks over the mountains to the east of the city.  DST extends out the time that I get to see this for a little bit longer.

When I run in the morning, I wear an Amphipod Xinglet. It lightweight and virtually unnoticeable on most of my runs.  I also take a headlamp for the mornings that I am heading out to run on trails.  Both are a safety issue.

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