09 March 2014


My back aches.  Running didn't cause it but it definitely affects my running.

It started last Sunday when I torqued it putting my kayak on the roof of my SUV.  It hurt for a few days but I was still able to run on it and managed to get in four good runs over the week to include a solid speed day on Tuesday and an 8.5 mile run on Friday.

On Friday night, I spent the evening doing some volunteer work to set up for a local marathon.  Over a three hour span, I set up 1100 orange cones over 13.1 miles (out-and-back course).  It involved a lot of heavy lifting and lugging with the stacks of cones in the back of a moving van and early on I started to notice my back flaring up.  Two days later, walking around is OK but I am struggling to get out of a chair, pick something off the floor, etc.

Today was supposed to be a long run and it definitely did not happen.  With a hilly half marathon next Saturday, I need my back to feel better. I've already taken two days off and hope that I don't need to take off too many more.

This sucks.

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