04 November 2014

Mizuno - First Impressions

I ran 10.9 miles this morning to put my first miles on the new Mizunos.  The run was primarily on sidewalks and blacktop with a few very short sections of dirt/gravel trail.

They felt light on the feet and had a little slip in the heel when I first laced them up.  I noticed it while walking pre/post run but it did not bother me during the run.

The soles are noticeable thinner than I am used to. This isn't a bad thing but it is definitely something to think about on days when part of my runs go on a little more hardcore trails for parts of the run.  Also, I felt a ridge on both feet that ran along underneath the outer edge near my little toes.  That isn't something I expect to feel in a shoe that is advertised as neutral.

These definitely are not going to replace my Hokas as a pair of distance trainers and racers.  However, they will be a nice mix with my ASICS as trainers on my shorter runs and due to their weight, will make a nice racing shoe on shorter races.

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