01 November 2014


This morning, the family and I got up early and trucked crosstown for the PHAST.

For my wife, this triathlon was a redemption race.  She crashed on the bike last year and it stands as her lone DNF in a triathlon.  This year, she raced hard and ended up finishing the sprint distance course in second overall for women.  It was a great way to finish off a long triathlon season that saw many trips to the podium for her in the Athena division.

My youngest son raced the kids short course triathlon.  It is hilarious watching a string-bean of a nine year old flexing on the side of a pool with his friends but once he entered the pool, he was off like a torpedo.  He did a great job on all three components and had a lot of fun while finishing fifth out of sixteen finishers.
flexing post-run

After he finished, it was time for the 5K fun run (untimed) and Kyle and I started running.  Unfortunately, we (along with everybody else) missed a turn marker as the volunteer at that spot directed us in a different direction.  We ended up running two loops, slightly over two miles, and then Kyle stopped to hang out with his little brother while I went out on the run course to run with and cheer on Sarah and run another two miles with her.

Post race was nice.  A lot of Las Vegas Triathlon Club members were at the race so there were a lot of friends to talk to and there were a lot of drawings for items donated by sponsors. We ended up getting elastic laces, socks, a water bottle and a pair of Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 shoes which are my size.  I look forward to mixing them in with my ASICS and Hokas.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 - Size 10.5

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