19 January 2015

Cervelo P1

I picked up a new (demo model) bike this weekend from Pro Cyclery in Las Vegas.  It is a 2010 Cervelo P1 which has an aluminum frame (size 54) and Ultegra components.  I've been looking for a new Tri/TT bike for duathlons and found this one at a fraction of what I was going to spend on a new entry-level racer.

I switched over my Adamo TT from my Novara and made a few basic adjustments to the seat and handlebars so I could try it on the trainer.  My Novara was a converted road bike and the differences in my aero position and the overall feel of the bike were instantly evident.  On the Novara, I always felt stretched out when reaching for the bullhorns as well as when in an aero position.   This bike, on the other hand, feels like it fits like a glove. When putting the two side by side, it is interesting to see how much shorter the Cervelo is when looking at the length of the two bikes.

I go in for a formal fitting this week and can't wait to get it out for a long ride next weekend!

Cervelo P1 on the trainer

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